Panetteria is dedicated to the production of frozen pastries, cakes, high quality breads and other top class bakery products. Panetteria aims to transform the bakery industry in India through the use of new refrigeration technologies. Our frozen dough technology brings convenience and consistency to our customers by creating products with a long shelf life and thus ensuring optimum quality at the best price with maximum ease of use.

Our production facility has been designed to ensure a 100% bacteria free environment. The machinery and know how have been imported from UK, Italy, Switzerland, Netherlands & Belgium and the Chefs and Directors of our company have been trained by Swiss and French culinary experts in order to maintain the highest standards in the industry.

Our goal at Panetteria is to work closely with our customers by carrying out regular vocational events and by imparting our culinary knowledge to them through workshops. At Panetteria, we offer authentic flavours, exciting and novel concepts, and a time saving, reasonable and convenient choice to our customers.

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