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Key Management

Hussein A. K. Balwa

Mr. Hussein A. K. Balwa, the Chairman of the Balwa Group, has formal education in Business Administration and is a skilled businessman who has played a vital part in the diversification of the group. Under his operational leadership, the group chartered into new territories geographically and achieved path breaking success in the fields of hospitality, real estate, engineering and food processing.

The group has gained tremendously from his 40+ years of experience, as a result of which it has established premier hotels, commercial parks, industrial complexes and much more. His zeal and commitment drives the group.

Ismail A. K. Balwa

Mr. Ismail A. K. Balwa, a Director at the Balwa Group, has formal education in the field of financial management. He has played a significant role in the strategic and financial planning of the group. An enthusiastic communicator, he has been influential in bolstering relationships and creating confidence among the stakeholders.

He manages the finance and administration portfolio of the group. His down to earth qualities and people management skills contribute to the wellbeing of the group.

Umar A. K. Balwa

Mr. Umar A. K. Balwa, a Director at the Balwa Group, has formal education in the field of Economics & Commerce. His experience of over 30 years in global business has earned him the position of international spokesperson for the group. His dynamism and vision has created an international platform for the group's various businesses. Under his strong leadership, the engineering business grew four fold in the last decade. He is respected and appreciated by various global partners of the group. His dedicated and affable personality is an inspiration to all those who work alongside him.

Imran I. Balwa

Mr. Imran I Balwa, Executive Vice President at the Balwa Group overlooks the engineering business of the group. He has received formal education in Business Management and has employed it to his advantage for the growth and expansion of the engineering business. Imran Balwa is involved in the advancement of engineering technology, predominantly in the European market. His expertise has helped the group in spreading its wings in various international markets.

Rafiq H. Balwa

Mr. Rafiq H. Balwa, Executive Vice President at the Balwa Group has over 10 years of experience in the hospitality and construction industry. He has formal education in Business Management. He was intensively engaged in the project management, from the ground-breaking stage to its inauguration of the group’s Radission Hotel at Goregaon. His meticulous planning and operational skills have led the hotel to win the prestigious Pacific Asia Travel Writers Association Award for Best Business Hotel. Furthermore, his experience spearheaded the opening of Grand Blossom, a mini convention centre and another 4 Star hotel under the name of Residency Sarovar Portico. His youthful outlook contributes to the group's future development in the field of hospitality.

Zubair I. Balwa

Mr Zubair I. Balwa, Executive Vice President, joined the group in 2009 after earning his degree in BA (Hons) Business with Marketing from Northumbria University, Newcastle. His knowledge for information technology has aided the group to implement various automation projects that have led to structured planning and efficiency.

He is actively involved in the regulatory functions of the group’s real estate & hospitality divisions. His fresh approach to the business brings in innovation and profitability to the group whilst staying true to the core values.

Sania U. Balwa

Ms. Sania U. Balwa, Executive Vice President at the Balwa Group, at a young age, completed her Master’s Degree in Marketing and Strategy from University of Warwick. She is involved in the hospitality division of the group. Communication & Marketing has always been her passion and forte. She is involved into the day to day operations of the hotels and development of new hotels. Her time management, quick decision-making, task organization, and crisis management skills contributes to the successful running of the hotels.

Hanif H. Chaudhary

Hanif Chaudhary, the operational head of Sealmatic, has formal education in the field of mechanical engineering. He has been extensively trained in Germany and Japan in the field of mechanical seals and various API Plans.

Prior to joining the group in 2012, he was associated with Feodor Burgmann of Germany at their Indian plant for over 20 years. At Sealmatic he is responsible for planning, leading, organizing and quality conformation to international standards.

Deepak Ghangurde

Deepak Ghangurde, the Finance Controller of the group, is a Law & Commerce graduate from the Bombay University. He additionally has formal education in the field of Company Secretaries and is also a Certified Associate of Indian Institute of Bankers.

Prior to joining the group in 2007, he was associated with Syndicate Bank, a premier nationalised bank in India for over 26 years. He possess vast knowledge in the areas of capital finance and term lending to the corporate borrowers, recovery and audit. He was also a guest faculty of the staff training college of Syndicate Bank. His extensive experience in the banking industry empowers the group in sound financial planning and streamlining its resources in a disciplined and efficient manner.

Iftikar Mehdi

Iftikar Mehdi, General Manager of the group’s hospitality division mainly engaged at Radisson Mumbai & Sarovar Portico, with a qualified certification in Hospitality Administration / Management. He has over 25 years of experience in the hospitality industry, his core skills include sales, management, pre-opening, and front office development.

Salim Syed

Salim Syed, Chief Engineer of the realty division of the group, is having formal education in the field of civil engineering. He joined the group in 1986 and ever since has been involved in various residential, commercial, hospitality and industrial projects of the group. He has been deeply involved in creating practical solutions for improved efficiency in project planning and execution. Under his able supervision the group has executed various realty projects with on-time deliveries. His responsibilities encompasses project management and engineering, thus ensuring high quality of construction and safety standards of the many realty projects executed by the group.